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Peer Support Coaching

Peer support coaching is grief and loss support for those who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or pregnancy loss at any stage.


Peer support services are unique and different than any support offered by friends, family or professional counseling.

Those trained and experienced as Peer Support Coaches provide a safe space for bereaved parents to talk with those who have been through through similar life challenges. It is through the lived experience of Peer Support Coaches that we are able to provide real hope, understanding and empathy. 

What is Peer Support Coaching?

Center for Fertility and Reproductive Counseling’s Peer Support Model is based on the following:

  • CFRC Peer Support Coaches have experience with early pregnancy loss,
    medically advised termination, stillbirth or newborn death.


  • CFRC Peer Support Coaches offer bereaved parents and families the opportunity to
    talk about their baby in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment.


  • CFRC Peer Support Coaches are delivered through in person or virtual sessions

  • CFRC Peer Support Coaches have experienced pregnancy and/or infant loss. All though their grief was intense, part of their healing now includes helping and supporting peers going through similar experiences. Our Peer Support Coaches receive training through a variety of organizations who provide Peer Support Training/Certification. Additionally, they receive on going training, support and consultation through CFRC licensed therapists certified in Compassion and Bereavement Care through the MISS Foundation.

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