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Elizabeth Ridl, BA




Mental health professional Elizabeth Ridl, BS, an ASU graduate has recently completed her Masters course work in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at University of Phoenix.

With her undergraduate degree in biology and several years’ experience in the medical field, she understands that the mind and body are equally important to one’s overall health and wellness.

As a provider, Elizabeth enjoys working with a variety of client populations, although her area of interest and passion involve supporting women and families in times of transition including the pregnancy and postpartum period including pregnancy loss. As a mother herself, she understands the pressures moms face, not only from society, but also the pressure they often put on themselves.

Elizabeth creates a safe and nurturing place for her clients to unload conscious and hidden pressures, worries, and grievances they may be experiencing during difficult and transitional times in life. Elizabeth is a  intern supervised by Kim C. Kriesel, LPC 19252 

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